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How do I create an excahnge application?

How do I create an excahnge application?

  • On the home page go to the tab «Exchange», choosing the direction to buy / sell «Available assets» You will see the list of cryptocurrencies available to exchange/withdrawal at the moment and current balance, choose the one you need cryptocurrency by clicking on it. (if you do not have the necessary asset in the list available for exchange, you can always take advantage of the spot trading and exchange for supported).
  • The same you can get into this section through your "Portfolio" tab "Actions", "Sell", choose the cryptocurrency you need by clicking on it (in the absence of the required asset in the list of available for exchange, you can always take advantage of the spot trade and exchange for the supported one).

Next, you will be offered the choice of the way to receive fiat funds, choosing the direction you need to go to the page of application for

exchange, where you need to enter the amount of the withdrawal, as well as the required details for its execution/payment. Click «Create application».

  • Convenient for you method of obtaining;
  • Office;
  • The volume of the currency to be changed;
  • Payment details. (Please specify full name)

Congratulations, the application is completed! Next you get on the application page, where you see its details and current status. If you have any questions, you can contact the online chat from the application page or our

A telegram with her number!

You can appreciate all the benefits of our service by starting to use it.

With us you always get exactly the amount you see when you apply, as well as no unnecessary waste of time on addresses and waiting for confirmation when processing multiple applications!

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