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How do I deposit my Portfolio?

How do I deposit my Portfolio?

To start working inside our service you need to replenish your portfolio balance.

Each cryptocurrency asset is replenished separately on the "Portfolio" page, "Action". In the coin ticker bar you will see

The corresponding buttons "Receive" and "Send".

To enter the cryptocurrency you need to press the key

«Action» in the tab «Add Asset».

You will see a list of cryptocurrencies supported by the platform, choose the necessary from the list, or use the search (search

is carried out by ticker «short name of cryptocurrency», approx.: BTC, ETH, USDT... ).

BANKOFF supports more than 300 types of cryptocurrencies for deposit and spot trading

By clicking the «Deposite» button you will need to select the network corresponding to the network of sending your asset (It is necessary to be extremely careful,

sending the cryptocurrency to the wrong address or network will cause its total loss).

Once you have selected the network, you will receive the address for the deposit.

By sending and after receiving confirmation on the network the blockchain asset will appear in your portfolio!

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